Catholicism, wow.

Today I was made aware of a story coming out of Tuam, Co. Galway about a recently discovered mass grave, containing the bodies of approximately 800 children. Catherine Corless a local historian & genealogist has compiled a report on this heinous and morally reprehensible crime (link below). Sadly, this isn’t an isolated incident, and these crimes always seem to be linked to the Catholic Church. For more information on similar crimes, please feel free to google ‘Magdalene Laundries’ or try to see the recent film ‘Philomena’.

I grew up in a Catholic family, my Nan was a devout Catholic and I used to attend Mass with her every week. The Catholic Church that I grew up in, and experienced is so far from what I now know about the corruption, deception & criminality of the RCC. My first head teacher was a nun, and my school was on the grounds of a still active convent, the nuns I know are all, truly lovely, well educated & compassionate women, I still address them as ‘Sister’ if I see them in the street. One of my role models was my parish priest, he remains to this day, a very good friend and a man that I would trust with anything. A question that puzzled me till recently, was ‘How can these Catholics that I know and love be so good, and those Catholics that commit such devastating crimes be so bad?’ . Well the closest I’ve come to an answer stems from my love for comic books and superheroes. Uncle Ben, Spider-Man’s uncle, says to Spidey “With great power, comes great responsibility.”. Clergy, like it or not, have power, they are given a level of respect by all practising Catholics, simply by wearing a dog collar, or tucking their hair into a habit. Respect, should be given to those who earn it, and never to those who demand it.

Another ‘power’ that all Catholics have, is the ability to be forgiven for anything & live eternally in heaven. This may lead a lot of Catholics to good, but it also allows some to do untold bad. I imagine those responsible for dumping bodies into a mass grave, or covering up child abuse justify it by imagining that these children will live in heaven in eternal happiness. I think the late, great Christopher Hitchens says it best:

“Name me an ethical statement made or an action performed by a believer that could not have been made or performed by a non-believer.”

In summary, I do not doubt that Catholicism or any other religion, is a comfort to some people, and can cause people to be better than they would be, but it can cause people to be a lot worse than they would be. This is why I value humanism, I have a respect for this one life that we have that I think devout Catholics simply cannot share.

The Catholic Church’s day of reckoning is approaching, and it will not be a fictional zombie Jew that judges them, it will be humans, with the power to dismantle their corrupt & morally bankrupt organisation. If Pope Frank is as wise as people make him out to be, he’ll start cooperating with the U.N over the child abuse scandal, he will reveal the extent of the fortune that they have harvested and protected like a greedy, mountain dwelling dragon for hundreds of years, he will redistribute this wealth to people on this planet that could put it to good use. And lastly, he will grovel and plead for forgiveness for the crimes justified in the name of his god.

Greece Frightening.

The Supreme Court gave limited approval to opening the council meetings of Greece, NY, with a prayer. Now, you may think that this is unconstitutional, but according to the ruling it isn’t. Though the complaint was initially about a Christian prayer being offered to open the meetings, it was proffered by John Auberger, Greece’s board supervisor that :

“The faith of the prayer giver does not matter at all,”


“We accept anyone who wants to come in and volunteer to give the prayer to open up our town meetings.”

I think we’re all aware of what has happened here. The Supreme Court has valued the comfort of Christians over the rights of non Christians, by saying that any prayer would have been welcomed. I of course, can’t be sure that a prayer of another faith would have been unwelcome, my cynical nature & previous experience with American Christians however, tells me that it would have been.

The danger a legal precedent such as this poses is that all sorts of legal cases can be kicked out because of it. The hard work that foundations such as the FFRF (Freedom from religion foundation) do is ridiculed by such a precedent.

In essence what I am saying is that this ruling is built on lies. I can’t prove this however so that remains my opinion, if you read the full story and witness accounts though, you will understand why my opinion is as such. In my experience, religious people will do a lot worse than lie in the name of their chosen god, so a spot of perjury in the name of Jesus is a walk in the park for these guys.

So, what can Americans do about it? Well, I cant believe I’m about to say this, but….PRAY. Attend these meetings. Volunteer to lead the council in prayer. Learn a few lines of Arabic and scream to the heavens in praise of Allah. Buy a replica of Thor’s hammer and smash it on a hard surface for a full minute whilst naming the Swedish World Cup squad from 2002. Do anything within reason that’ll make these people as uncomfortable as their self mumbling Jesus worship makes us feel.

While we’re at it, why not throw up some religious billboards, here’s some suggestions:


And after all of this, when the pledge of allegiance is read out, demand that it be re-read to include your god, if you’re struggling to find a god you can always use , there are thousands to choose from! Don’t worry about the Christians….

“They don’t even believe in this god, why would it offend them?”


Full story Source 1:
Full story Source 2:

The Atheist Manual Part 1, by Blobfish

Please memorise and destroy after reading, we don’t want those pesky theists getting hold of this, they could destroy us.

1. Hitchens, Harris, Dawkins, Dennett and Krauss shall be referred to as ‘Dear Leader’ in exclusively atheist company.
2. Stalin murdered people ‘because atheism’, it had nothing to do with politics. However you must always claim and demonstrate otherwise.
3. Hitler was in fact an atheist, don’t tell anyone. All of his quotes were fraudulently placed in history books by the same people that planted the fossils.
4. Penn & Teller hid the fossils. Derren Brown convinced all onlookers that they were simply digging for treasure.
5. Not all priests are paedophiles so we shouldn’t highlight the corruption within the RCC, but who cares? We’re amoral atheists, lets do it anyway.
6. Babies are delicious, this is why we are all pro-choice.
7. ‘Gay’ is a disease that we must spread across the globe. Marriage equality is an elaborate front to disguise this. You can catch gay from weather, don’t tell anyone.
8. Creationism deserves an equal footing in the Science classroom, luckily, we have all of the evidence stored in Obama’s house in Kenya.
9. America is a Christian country, Nicolas Cage changed the constitution during the filming of ‘National Treasure’.
10. Hate God. The real one, not any of the fake ones, you know which one I’m talking about.

Part 2….Coming Soon.

Noah and The Last Days, a review, by Blobfish.

It’s been a while since I blogged. I’m sure you’ve all missed me. Fear not, I’m back.

Today I decided to watch Ray Comfort’s ‘Noah’ ‘movie’. Here is a brief review.

Going into this film I was expecting the following:

1. Bad acting
2. Worse CGI
3. Possible cameo from Kirk Cameron
4. Puppets.

None of my expectations were met. The video that has been so highly publicised as the ‘real’ Noah story, is not in fact a Noah story. If you’ve seen Ray’s previous attempts at ‘film making’, you’ll be familiar with what this film has to offer. Ray interviews a varying array of people. Now Ray likes to set his interviews up in the following fashion:

1. Camera below the subject’s chest, preferably invading personal space.
2. Subject sat down
3. Ray stood up
4. Microphone waving about like a joke shop snake.
5. Loaded questions at the ready!

Now, Ray knows exactly what he’s doing. I imagine he has a script prepared, and knows, to a certain extent, what answers he will receive from his subjects. His questions are more loaded than me at a Christmas party. I could go through all of his questions but I’ll just pick a select few sections from the film.

“Do you think there was a man named Noah, like in the bible?”
The simple answer to this question, is no. We all know that there is zero evidence for a global flood or the existence of a centuries old shipbuilder with the ability to summon two of every animal on the planet. Ray’s subjects either weren’t capable of that answer, or Ray has been doing some ‘creative’ editing again. The selection of subjects managed to acquire for this film is frankly, astounding. Varying from a born again Christian to a man who looks like he’s smoked more pot than Snoop Dogg and Howard Marks combined. My favourite of the contributors however is a chap who appears 3-4 times. I don’t want to cast aspersions, but I will, this guy is quite clearly smacked off his tits or he’s mentally ill. And finally, why does Ray structure his questions like a child asking for chocolate before dinner?

“What is the root of all evil?”
A clever chap would have said something like ‘the catholic church?’, ‘the one ring?’ or ‘Justin Bieber?’. Sadly, everybody says ‘money’. Ray then jumps atop his biblical high horse and corrects them, “it’s the love of money”. I think Ray’s point here is that there are some preachers that rob their parishioners to maintain a lavish lifestyle, and this is a sign of the ‘end times’. I’m not calling Ray a hypocrite, but when the Noah film was released, he tried to charge $19.99 for a film I could have made on my Iphone. Make your own judgements….

My favourite part of the film is Ray’s ‘interview’ with a geologist. Ray charges into the office, like a lumbering, drunk porn cinematographer. Ray asks him ‘where does water come from?’ the geologist gives a pretty good answer. There’s then a cut scene where a science publication is quote mined to appear ignorant of the science of planetary formation. Snap back to Ray and another hard hitting question: “Where did all the fish come from?”. At this point the geologist tells Ray that his question is stupid and palms the camera away. A man after my own heart. No doubt, Ray saw this as a victory, hence it’s inclusion in the film.

The final scene is Ray’s message, it’s a series of nonsense musings, clearly dubbed in at a later date, the scene is scored with some epic sounding music and Ray’s subjects displaying a varying array of looks, from ‘shocked face’ to ‘nods in agreement face’. When Ray’s diatribe is complete, a stoned guy with curly hair pipes up with “You just blew my mind man!”. It’s hardly an endorsement, cream cheese blew my mind once when I was stoned.

I can’t be bothered to go into any more detail, I will however discuss the ‘Noah’ scenes. These are by far my favourite in the film. They account for about 40 seconds of the film. It’s just an old guy sat drawing a boat whilst looking out of the window. At first I thought Santa Claus had been caught dressing in Mrs Claus’ clothes, as the guy playing Noah is wearing what I would call a ‘Slutty off the shoulder number’ and sporting a fabulous white beard.

Anyway, it’s worth a watch, if only to laugh at Ray preaching bullshit to a plethora of meth-heads, drunks and stoners.


“Why are atheists so angry all of the time?!”

Well, there are many answers to this question. First of all, some atheists aren’t angry, in fact, I’d guess that most atheists don’t identify themselves as atheists, I shall call these people ‘Apatheists’. They don’t believe in god, and they don’t care. I’d love to be one of these people. The second type, are the ‘angry at other atheists’ atheists, these people harp on about respecting beliefs etc.. Dreadful bunch. The third type are the ‘permanently flipping angry’ atheists, sometimes they have nothing to be angry about, and that angers them, so they make something up and get angry at it. Grrr!. To bring this overly long & disjointed first paragraph to a close, let’s just say, not all atheists are angry, however, I am. See below, I’ll explain why.

As you can see from the title of this blog, I shall be talking about ‘accountability’. What is accountability? Well. I’ll let my old friend the OED explain: “the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility“.
Seems pretty simple. In fact, to put it in a simpler, more popular term, it’s simply the art of ‘owning your shit’. You have a problem? You sort it. You don’t wait for it all to blow over. You don’t ignore it, or place the blame on somebody else. You just do something. One of my least favourite traits in a person, is when they do not ‘own their shit’. It angers me. Now, imagine this person, is a religion, because it is. It’s every religion.

The ‘holier than thou’ impartial folks always come out with nonsense to defend the religious like “it’s just their culture” or “they’re not hurting you directly, leave them alone“. You’ll see this tactic employed by a lot of media outlets, who are more interested in readership figures than actually reporting the news. That however is another kettle of fish for another fishy tea themed blog.

What I’m really trying to get at is, I’m angry, because they won’t admit that they’re wrong. They won’t admit it, they won’t apologise for it. They just ignore all of the evidence that is staring them in the face and say ‘well it’s just what I believe, you wouldn’t understand‘. No! I don’t understand! You’re demonstrably wrong. What you are doing is hurting people, physically, emotionally and mentally! You’re making people stupid! Take for example the ‘Creation Debate’ or #NyevSham (as some absolute genius hashtagged it), it was a clear victory for Nye, he made clear concise points and evidenced them thoroughly, yet Ham just insisted on ignoring it and childishly quipping ‘well, there’s this book…’. Yes Ken, we know about the book. I will be contacting the lads at ‘Gideons’ and telling them that your sphincter is a bedside table in a hotel room. 

That however was just a drop in the ocean. Take for example the Catholic church. Everybody knows that they employ and protect paedophile priests, yet they never apologise for it. They never say “We’re desperately sorry that this has been allowed to go on for centuries, and nothing has been done about it, we will find these priests expel them from the church, and ensure that they are brought to justice. Then we will use our gargantuan wealth to compensate the families effected by this corruption along with the promise that this will never happen again.”. It just doesn’t seem to occur to them that this might be a good idea. Instead they just say, ‘well, there are paedophiles everywhere, it’s not just us’. Yes we know! It doesn’t mean you get off scot-free though! Here’s a medium length play to illustrate how the Catholic church view the paedophilia scandal, by Blobfish.

Judge: “You are charged with 1st degree murder, how do you plead?

Murderer: “Well your honour, there was a murder earlier this week also, so, you know? I didn’t murder everyone!?

Judge: “Good point. Case dismissed.”


That was just one example, I can’t be bothered to give any other, but just think about it the next time you see someone apologising for a religion. Demand that they ‘own their shit’, ‘sack up’ and be accountable for the harm that they cause.

Thanks for reading. Love you all.

Angry Blobfish.


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Islam: Given an inch, demanding a mile.

Short and sweet this week. I’m off to the pub.

“The Pope has made a statement this week demanding that “Man Vs. Food” is never shown on a Friday. He is said to be deeply offended that people eat meat on television on a Friday.”

The above ‘quote’ is taken from my mind. Now, imagine that you read that quote on a news website. Your first reaction would probably be laughter, and then you would aim a well sourced and relevant joke at his holiness on twitter. (@Pontifex in case you’ve been living under a rock)*No offense to anybody that lives under a rock. Toads etc.

This week two news outlets have caved to religious sensibilities, Channel 4 News & BBC Newsnight. I’m sure we’re all aware that I am talking about their censorship of the ‘Jesus and Mo’ cartoons. The question that must be asked, is would they cave to my opening quote?

The answer of course, is no. Catholicism, though rotten to the core with corruption, conspiracy and cover-ups does not proffer violent retribution whenever their unfounded beliefs are questioned. Islam on the other hand, consistently does. I’d provide links, but I like you guys to do your own work. Do your research, use various news sources, be unbiased. No matter what you do, Islam will remain synonymous with violence,

This week I’ve tweeted a lot about Islam and it’s faults. I’m always met with the same replies. It usually comes in stages like this:
1. That’s not real Islam
2. Educate yourself, you know nothing about Islam
3. It’s our culture!
4. You’ll regret this on judgment day!
5. You’re just a racist!

Now, I’ll make an assumption that the Islamists that respond are not those we would regard as extremists, they mostly live in the UK and tend not to explode on public transport as I talk to them. So let’s call them ‘moderates’. Why are these ‘moderates’ not aiming stages 1-4 (above) at extremists?

In conclusion, we shouldn’t pander to any religion. We already go further than most countries to appease some utterly ridiculous religious nonsense. If you live in Britain, in an area with a high Muslim population, next time you visit a fastfood restaurant, demand non-halal chicken. See how that goes for you.

Thanks for reading. Now, go and draw a picture of Mohammed.

Please take the time to sign this petition as well please. I was made aware of it by @AdrianBriggs. Stop Female Genital Mutilation.

Jesus and Mo Cartoons. :

Islamophobia off.

I thought I’d write a little blog as I’ve been quite lazy lately. It seems the current buzz word is ‘Islamophobia’. So, I’ll concentrate on that. 
Let’s start by breaking down what a phobia is. The Oxford English dictionary definition is “an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something”. For example, I have a fear of needles, one that causes me to lash out, or become hysterical when I’m about to get an injection or give blood. Now I’ve had many injections throughout my life, and I know they don’t hurt terribly, and don’t have any lasting effects that will be of negative consequence to me, but at the ripe old age of 27, I still react appallingly at the thought of one. This is an irrational and extreme fear. 
Over the past few weeks, I have been called ‘Islamophobic’ many times, simply for voicing my opinions on the atrocities so frequently performed in the name of, and because of Islam. I spend a lot of my time on Twitter pointing out the flaws of many religions, however, I am never called a ‘Jehovahphobe’ or a ‘Christianophobe’, even by the most zealous of these two religions. This is because we are ‘mostly’ able to critique these religions without violent retaliation. Islamophobia is a relatively new concept employed by cowardly apologists who are so afraid of violent retaliation or being called racists/bigots, that they would prefer to ignore the problems at hand, and sit on the proverbial fence and wait for this whole mess to blow over. 
In my opinion, and the opinion of many others, Islamophobia, is not a phobia. We have many rational reasons to fear a backlash from those who practice the Islamic faith. I could list hundreds of examples of the senseless violence within the faith that occur between Shiite and Sunni Muslims everyday, but I’ll just give you an example of how synonymous with violence they are. Type ‘Shiite’ Or ‘Sunni’ into Google for the next 7 days and see what the top results are. They will be stories about car bombs, suicide bombs or just plain old violence, all of these stories will be no older than 72 hours. If you find something different, I’d be very, very surprised. 
As for the ill effects that Islam has on the western world, we are all aware of the atrocities that are committed in the name of Islam. The recent murder/public execution of Lee Rigby resonates with the me. As the court case unfolds, I see the media in Britain dancing a cowardly dance, to avoid the obvious conclusion, that this atrocity was entirely fuelled by the hate and ignorance propagated by radical clerics. 
Now, I can feel the apologists filling to the brim as they reach this paragraph, but have no fear, I know what you’re thinking: 
My questions for you are…. 
What is real Islam? 
Why don’t ‘moderate Muslims’ distance themselves publicly from these atrocities? 
Why is it so easy to justify all manner of terrible things with a quick look through the Quran or the Hadith? 
I have perfectly rational reasons to fear Islam. I don’t have an extreme fear of Islam, I don’t run out of the room screaming when I see a woman in a Hijab. It is not a phobia. 
If you want an example of the tolerance of Islam, just have a look at the recent reactions to the ‘Jesus and Mo’ cartoons, or look further back to the reaction to Salman Rushdie’s ‘The Satanic Verses’. 
That’s all I have to say on the matter. 
Now, kindly, Islamophobia off. 

Fox 5 Fails.

Well, I promised more blogs, so here goes.

I got into some absolutely hilarious debates today, all of which ended in ‘radio silence’ or deletion of ingorant tweets. I don’t count this as a win though, it’s just what we all face every day. I find it more and more common that the ‘fingers in ears’ technique is adopted by theists. Even when they are presented with cold hard facts by people who are experts in their respective fields eg. @Kaimatai, they refuse to question their beliefs. Too often now I see intelligent people just brushed away in a blaze of theistic wilful ignorance. Just a few weeks ago I was asked to provide evidence of ‘the missing link’, now personally I do not know what theists are asking for when they make this request, but I usually point them towards @liberty_2112 and his lovely collection of transitional fossils, which he is always happy to show off. Even after they have seen the physical evidence and are pointed towards resources available for free online, they simply choose to walk away from the conversation, or block me for being ‘aggresive’. So the big question is, why? Why is it ok with all of the resources available to us as 21st century apes, to be ignorant?

My answer, is that it is encouraged, it’s even praised. You will here creationists say ‘teach the controversy!’, the only thing controversial about the ‘creationist controversy’ is that it’s utterly and demonstrably wrong. Religion cannot be shown up for what it is though, as we don’t want to disrespect the theist’s feelings! Well I say bullshit, fuck your feelings, you’re wrong and I’ll tell you and show you why until it gets into your heavily indoctrinated brain.

Now, one particular band of religious crackpots that like to ‘shove it to the atheists’ are the uber-tolerant people over at Fox News. I have written about them before, specifically the lovely Dana Perino, but today I came across and article that made my blood boil. It was entitled : “A Christmas gift for atheists — five reasons why God exists”. I have added a link to the article below. Before I pick apart the article, let’s have a little go at the title. This article is not a gift, it is an article thats intent is to ostracise atheists, just replace the word ‘atheists’ with ‘Muslims’ and the word ‘god’ for ‘Yahweh’. What sort of reaction would that garner from the our friendly neighbourhood Islamists? I’d guess, it would be one of outrage, and more than likely violent retort. Fox know this, and they know that they can get away with printing these pieces when atheism is at the core. They know that we are mostly rational and the worst response they will get is a strongly worded blog.

And so, we move to the “five reasons why God Exists”

1. God provides the best explanation of the origin of the universe.
We’ve all heard WLC use this one before. Intelligent design, is no more than a hypothesis, and a bad one, its constant cries of ‘it’s too complex’ are frankly desperate. There is zero evidence for intelligent design, zip, zilch, not a jot. In fact scientists collectively agree that ‘we simply do not know’ how the universe began. To claim that a supernatural deity is the ‘best explanation’ for the origin of the universe is dishonest. It is simply one of many unevidenced hypothesis currently being thrown around. For this I’ll adopt a little something from Hitch : ‘That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.’

2.  God provides the best explanation for the fine-tuning of the universe.
This was my favourite of them all. Fine tuning? Seriously, how many planets have we found life on? How much of the earth is habitable for humans? Remind me, what purpose does the human appendix serve? How many children are born every day with genetic defects? If this is ‘fine tuning’ I’d hate to see what bad tuning looks like. Utter rubbish.

3.  God provides the best explanation of objective moral values and duties.
Which god? Yahweh? The big beardy guy with all the great tips on how to keep slaves and how to stone homosexuals to death? I don’t think so. You can’t even prove that your god is real, so you can’t base your morality on him. It’s like me basing my morality on the ‘Knights of the Round Table’, it’s rubbish. A humanistic subjective morality that is open to change is a far superior way to live life.

4.  God provides the best explanation of the historical facts concerning Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.
Of course it does! What were you expecting from the bible? A series of short stories detailing the life of Michael Jackson? Circular reasoning at it’s finest. The bible is true, because it says so in the bible. Get a fucking grip. And as for ‘historical facts’ I think WLC is being deliberately dishonest here, he knows that no historians that were around when Jesus allegedly walked the earth so much as mentioned him. So that’s utter bollocks.

5.  God can be personally known and experienced.
How convenient! Well I personally know Thor, so you should be happy when I erect my monument of ‘Thor and Odin battling the Ice-Giants’ at the foot of Freedom Tower.
All this is, is heaps and heaps of confirmation bias. It is no more a reason for gods existence than rainbows are for the existence of Leprechauns.

There we have it. My rant is over.

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Hashtagging for Jesus.

Well, first things first, I have over 2100 followers, so that means I owe you all about 10 blogs, so here is the first of many, I’ll try to catch up. Secondly, I have popped some links into the end of this for a few podcasts/youtube vids that you should all be digesting. Thirdly, thank you all for following me, it’s really cool to have so many followers, I hope to keep you all entertained until my death, or till Ray Comfort finally manages to convert me with his new video : “Evolution Vs. Zod : This time, it’s personal”.

Now, you will have noticed the title of this blog, and if you think that I’m going to talk about the ‘pray to end abortion’ hashtag, then you have judged a book by its cover and in turn, pissed all over a much loved metaphor. That’s exactly what I am going to talk about.

I was first made aware of this utterly ridiuclous hashtag whilst perusing my keyword searches the other day. My initial reaction was laughter, for as we are all aware, prayer is as useful as a fireguard made of ice cream. The big question to ask is why would somebody make this hashtag? Well I think I can explain that. When do we see ‘Pray for’ hashtags on twitter? Usually after a natural disaster or a celebrity death. At these times, people feel powerless, they do not feel that there is anything they can do, so they assume the position and self mumble to make themselves feel better. Now, us rational folk would just donate to charity or send condolences if we gave enough of a fuck about the dead celebrity. Not the theists though, they think a good old self mumble will solve all of the world’s woes.

Abortion is not a very nice thing to think about, the idea of a woman having to go through it is not pleasant, pro-lifers seem to think that we support abortion because we don’t care about human life, the opposite in fact, is true. The argument from pro-lifers has no scientific support, it is purely a case of being mis-informed enough to believe that an embryo is a life. When you present them with the medical evidence they just ignore it and begin construction of their ‘so you agree with babies being murdered?’ straw man.

The hashtag hasn’t given their view point validity, it just shows that they are desperate, horribly desperate. The same goes for most theistic views of anything relating to sex. Catholics advocate the evils of contraception as one of their core philosophies, Christians claim that homosexuality is not natural, these are just two of the most ridiculous theistic nuggets of bullshit that they try to spread around. Anybody who has studied biology to a high school level knows that these two things are not true.

The core of the problem lies in the necessity of the the religious to remain infallible. I don’t often quote Goebbel, but here goes:

“The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.

I honestly believe that most of these religious people, know in fact that they are horribly wrong, but to admit this would destroy the foundations upon which their ministries are built. I know all pro-lifers aren’t religious, but the non religious ones are not the big problem, they can be shown the evidence, and if they are rational, they will change their minds. Religious people won’t do this, you only have to look as far as Ray Comfort, whose banana analogy was so full of desperation that he forgot to research the history of bananas. If you show them that they are wrong, it sets off the indoctrination alarm bells, the fingers go in their ears and they just spout nonsense like ‘life is precious’ or ‘it’s too complex’ if you’re dealing with a creatard. It’s a very effective defense mechanism, like a hedgehog rolls into a ball and waits for the predator to go away, the religious do the same, except their spikes are shit arguments and faux arrogance.

In summary, the hashtag is just another way for theists to do nothing, but give the appearance that they are doing something. It’s a paper tiger. It will do nothing to challenge the favourable evidence for abortion, but it will show up and shout ‘LOUD NOISES’ like Brick Tamland. All of this whilst constantly keeping a holier than thou attitude and a firm position on their ‘objective’ morality high horse.


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Measuring and defining atheism. Yes or No.

Hello all, I’m aware that I currently owe three blogs due to passing 1200 followers, thanks for following by the way.

It’s currently 23:28, and being an utter man child, I am still impressed that I can choose my own bed time, so I’ll be staying up to write this blog. Some of you may disagree with everything I write in this blog, and I welcome your comments. Also, if you can think of any swear words or insults that may be of use to me, I’d love to hear them. Just the other day I saw @FrancoSoup call somebody ‘Trolly Parton’, and my continence was tested severely.

So, I’ll begin.

What is atheism?
Well, if we look at the Oxford English Dictionary, it is simply this : disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.
Therefore, an atheist is somebody who disbelieves or lacks the belief in god. As we are all aware though, the definitions of ‘atheism’ and ‘atheist’ are violently misunderstood on a global scale. Some people will say that “atheists claim there is no god”, and maybe some do, but this is not atheism, this is somebody claiming that there is no god, which may be true, but there is no proof to back this claim. Atheism is a rejection of a claim, not a claim itself. Judging from what I see on Twitter, Facebook and other blogs most people would agree that atheism is a conclusion based on an absence of evidence for the ‘god claim’.

People will also attribute certain political and social views to an atheist. I have been called all of the following at some point, based solely on the fact that I am openly an atheist:
Now, it may be true that I am a communist, liberal, baby-killing fag enabler, but that is besides the point. This has absolutely nothing to do with my atheism. Atheism speaks only on the absence and rejection of religion and the ‘god claim’.

Measures of Atheism
Earlier this evening whilst scanning through my keyword searches on twitter, I noticed a theist say the following
“I’m not talking about atheism, I’m talking about strong atheism’.
This perplexed me, I have never qualified my atheism with a measure of strength. I may occasionally preface it with ‘agnostic’ or ‘anti-theist’ but I’ve never given it a measure. I sent out a tweet highlighting what I had seen and my followers dutifully replied. The most interesting and informative of the replies came from @UnicornOnMoon , who informed me that these measures/labels had been placed by atheists. He also reminded me of the ‘Dawkins Scale’ (below). I had never really paid much attention to this before, but I have had a look through it. For those of you that are interested, I’m a 6…ish. I just don’t see the point in such a scale, to be quite honest I don’t see the point in the word ‘atheist’. The claim that there is an omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent god who created the universe is utterly stupid and unfounded. You may say this is harsh, but I don’t think it is, there is absolutely no evidence of a god, so the claim is as ridiculous as me claiming that ‘I can fly, but I simply choose not to’. Popularity of a claim gives it no added validity.

In my opinion atheism is enough. If you believe religion is bad, you are an anti-theist, if you like to talk about atheism, you are an outspoken atheist. If you think there is a chance, however small, that the universe was created by a supernatural deity then you are an agnostic theist/atheist.

In conclusion, I think what I am trying to say is that we should not need the ‘Dawkins Scale’ or anything like it. Just because a lot of people share a similar delusion that we reject does not mean we need to qualify the strength or weakness of our rejection. You either accept the claim, or you don’t. Currently I am not wearing any jewelry, I am not strongly not wearing jewelry. Or weakly not wearing jewelry (I may have a toe ring on, but I can’t remember). As far as I’m concerned my absence, rejection or lack of belief does not need to be measured.

Now, rant over. Have at me, you godless bastards.

Also while we’re here and I have your attention follow the links below. If you don’t, Jesus will kill your pets while you sleep.
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